Monochrome Moss Stitch Blanket

Black and white moss stitch big, long afghan pattern
Monochrome Moss Stitch Blanket –
This blanket was such fun to work on with the little dotty natural lines emerging in the blackest of black yarn. And seeing the pattern so quickly and easily grow to 60+” kept my interest from start to finish. The moss stitch pattern came from @daisyfarmcrafts. The Big Twist chunky yarn came from @joann_stores and was deeply discounted (definitely a #bonus). Of course we all know why black yarn ends up in the clearance bins 🤨 #blackyarnisthedevil
Pattern: Striped Moss Stitch from @daisyfarmcrafts (see below for my chosen pattern repeats)
Stitch: Moss Stitch from @daisyfarm.stitches
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Finished Dimensions with border but without fringe:
Finished dimensions WITH fringe:
Chosen border: 3 SC rows around using 2 SC in the corners
Fringe: cut (360) pieces each 12” long using Big Twist Natural, loop 3 strands in every other SC, total 60 across. Then I twisted together 3 strands each from adjoining loops, twisted 8 or 9 times then knot the bottom. It will untwist a bit for a looser twist.
Yarn: Big Twist Chunky in black and Natural
Hook: L/8mm
My Blanket Repeats for a total of 164 rows:
7 starting rows: black
Then I did 20 rows 7 times from * to * like this:
*10 rows: 1 natural, 2 black (repeat 3 times), +1 natural = 10 total rows
10 rows: black*
10 rows: 1 natural, 2 black (repeat 3 times) +1 natural = 10 rows
Now at this point you will have 157 rows (7 starting rows then 15 stripes are each 10 rows alternating between natural striped and solid black)
Finish off with 7 rows black.
Total length = 164 rows

4 thoughts on “Monochrome Moss Stitch Blanket

  1. Courtney

    What weight is the yarn? I can’t find the Big Twist Chunky. What yarn would be the best to substitute?

    1. becciebcreative

      Hi, I’d recommend any Size 5 yarn substitute or you can use worsted weight Size 4 but use the recommended hook size, and adjust the number of chains (more will be needed to make a wider width) to start. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

  2. Ine

    Hi! Is there a pattern attached somewhere? I’m just curious how to get the “dots”.

    1. becciebcreative

      Hello, there is a clickable link to take you to the Daisy Farm Crafts site for the full pattern. Since it’s their pattern and I’ve just posted my repeats, please visit the link for more info! Hope you love making your own ✔️

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