Free Knitting Pattern: Copy Cat “CC” Chunky Beanie

Free Knitting Pattern: Copy Cat "CC" Chunky Beanie - Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Spice colorway. This super squishy wool blend hat is a beginner-friendly pattern. Also includes a tip about how to close the starting gap when starting a knit hat in the round. Enjoy! ** An Ad-Free PDF is available to download on my Ravelry Designer page.

Basic teen/adult hat:

Yarn: Super Bulky Size 6 – personally, I love Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick

Needles: 9mm, 16″ circular – personally, I love my bamboo Clover Takumi knitting needles

Knitting pattern:

Long tail cast-on: 48 sts

This hat is knit in the round.


**Tip: I like to start with this little trick to avoid the “starting gap” in the brim**

  1. Move the first cast-on stitch (the slipknot) from the left-hand needle to the tip of the right-hand needle. Just slip it from left needle to right needle.
  2. Lift the second stitch (the last cast-on stitch) on the right needle over this slipped stitch and move it to the left-hand needle.
  3. Then just start the ribbing with the swapped stitch on your left needle.

With this tip, the first and last stitches of the round exchange places and close the gap that would otherwise form at the join.  Now on to making this hat!


All rows have 48 stitches until decrease rows.

Ribbing for 8 rows: K1, P1 around

Rows 9 and 10: K1 around

Rows 11, 12, 13: P1 around

Rows 14, 15, 16: K1 around

Rows 17-34: Repeat Rows 11 to 16 three more times

Note: Total rows at this point = 34 (8 rows rib, 2 rows K1 plus 24 rows of P1 and K1)

Row 35: K2tog, K1, K1 around (36 sts)

Row 36: K2tog, K1, K1 around (27 sts)

Row 37: K2tog, K1 around (18 sts)

Cut yarn leaving about 8″ tail, thread tail through loops to take off needles.

Pull tight, weave back through a few stitches and tighten. Thread end through center to inside of hat and weave end through a couple stitches inside, then cut off any excess yarn end.

Add optional pom and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Free Knitting Pattern: Copy Cat “CC” Chunky Beanie

  1. Jennie hanus

    Do you think I could make this hat shorter? It looks like it is somewhat of a slouch hat. I’m trying to do it with one skein of yarn. Thank you in advance.

    1. becciebcreative

      Certainly, I take out 3-4 rows and just start reduction rows earlier

  2. Karen

    What adjustments would you make to a child size hat?

    1. becciebcreative

      Hi Karen! Depends on child’s age. I’ve made child size hats for a 12-24 months old, typically you want a it 6” wide when laid flat, 6-1/2 to 7 inches tall from top of crown to edge of brim, circumference if their head is usually 16-18” around. The brim ribbing makes it very stretchy but you want to make sure it’s not too short, make sure it covers their ears. Also if it’s too short, it’ll pop off too easily. Hope this helps.

  3. Sol Greene

    The hat came out beautifully! Very easy to read instructions even for a newbie like me. I don’t have circular needles so it was a little tricky to seam both sides together. Thanks for the tutorial. 😀

    1. becciebcreative

      Great, happy holidays!!

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