Free Knitting Pattern: Basic Batavia Beanie Winter Hat

Happy New Year! As 2022 starts off, I’m starting by building back my finished hat stacks. I’ve started a tradition of bringing my hat bins to our family Christmas celebrations with siblings and nephews and nieces. It’s a free-for-all, they pull them all out and pick a personal favorite as my gift to each of them. With 6 siblings of my own and 4 on my Mister’s side, there’s 10 sibs and their husbands and wives, plus we have dozens of nephews and nieces, many of them with their own growing families. This year I brought 50 hat choices! I haven’t counted what’s remaining and it’s not important, what’s important is that I’ll start over, rebuilding the stash, and looking forward to it again in 2022.

I’m so thankful I am able to keep learning, creating, practicing, and working up a variety of patterns and color combinations that I post here for FREE throughout the year. And many of the finished goods bring joy to our families during the Christmas giving season.

This basic beanie has a new-to-me ribbing style and I’m loving the way it works up and gives a little different look to my hats. Still offers the stretchy headband, but I think it looks bulkier. What do you think? Reply in the comments if you like it or prefer the K1, P1 ribbing in some of my other patterns.

Also new this year is a revamped BB Creative label; a little bigger, a little brighter, and a minor switch to simply using my initials along with the Morse Code dashes and dots to underscore it. The label still includes a little nod to my kids’ younger lives where they watched SpongeBob Squarepants and his gramma knit sweaters and says “there’s love in every stitch.” When you flip up the brim on my hats, on the other side of this label, it says: “There’s ❤️ in every stitch.”

You can order labels like these at All This Wood LLC on Etsy.

The Pattern: Basic Batavia Beanie

Yarn: Super Bulky Size 6 – personally, I love Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

Colors: Main color: Mustard, Color 2: Hudson Bay

Needles: 10mm, 16″ circular – personally, I love my bamboo Clover Takumi knitting needles

Long tail cast-on: 45 sts (fits 22-23” head circumference, average adult size)

For smaller or larger, start with a multiple of 3 (Example: smaller: 39 or 42 sts, larger: 48 or 51 sts)


In Main Color (Mustard), Rows 1-8 Ribbing: K1, K1, P1 around (45 sts)

In Color 2 (Hudson Bay), Rows 9-17: K1 around (45 sts)

In Main Color (Mustard), Rows 18-25: K1 around (45 sts)

Continue Main Color (Mustard) for the Decrease Rows:

Rows 26-28: Start K1, K1, K2tog and continue without stopping (keep doing the pattern 3 times around, not worrying about where the row ends). When you’re on the third round, to finish Round 28, there will be one remaining loop to K1. This reduces your final loops to 18 sts on the needles.

Finish off: Cut yarn leaving tail about 8-10” then use darning needle to thread through all loops to remove from needles. Pull yarn tightly to close and thread through top pulling tightly, thread yarn end into the inside of hat and lightly weave the end, trim that yarn end when you’re satisfied the top is tightly closed.

Weave in all other ends. Add optional pom.

Be Creative and Enjoy! 💕

~Beccie B~

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
Main color Mustard
Second color Hudson Bay
Same pattern using simply Hudson Bay, no color changes. Pom is charcoal & white.

I'd love to hear from you, comments or questions are welcome!

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