Free Crochet Pattern: Simply Sunny Dishcloth / Washcloth

FREE CROCHET PATTERN: Quick And Easy Dishcloth / Washcloth - Easy beginner friendly textured and colorful sunny yellow cotton dishcloth

When I’ve finished a bigger project like a blanket or shawl, I often find that I look for a quick win, an easy completion. I can easily whip up a crochet dishcloth in an evening or a set over a weekend. It’s so satisfying to change my focus to something simpler… while I’m dreaming of my next big project, of course!

While I mention the color and brand I’m using in the pattern below, just note that I keep a fairly sizable stash of common cotton yarn on hand and these colors come from my stash (may not exactly match what’s in stores today!). Whenever I see a couple coordinating colors that I like on sale, I buy them without hesitation because I know I can “shop my stash” to make a couple whenever I like.


  • Approx. 80 yards of Size 4 worsted weight cotton yarn – about 60 yards of one color, 20 yards of a second color if you add a solid border like the one in my photos.
  • Variegated Color: I’m using Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in Daffodil Daze
  • Solid Color: I’m using Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in Sunshine colorway
  • Hook: Size J 6mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle for weaving ends
  • Scissors


ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

sc – single crochet

sts – stitches


3 stitches and 4 rows = 1 inch


Approx. 10″ x 10″


With color A, Chain 25 or any multiple of 2 +1, I started with 24 + 1 so that the cloth will be about 8-9″ wide, I plan to add the border which will bring the width to 10″ total.

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from hook and sc across (24 sts).

Row 2: Ch1 and turn. sc in first stitch, then working across the next two stitches *sc2tog, ch1* (To complete this sc2tog, ch1: Place hook in next stitch, yarn over and pull through (2 loops are on hook), place hook in next stitch, yarn over, (now there’s 3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all 3 loops, then chain 1) repeat ** this until you have only one stitch remaining then sc in that last stitch. (24 sts)

Row 3-25:
 Repeat Rows 1-2, ending with a sc row.

Border: Change to a coordinating color if you wish.

Row 1: sc around making sure to do 3 sc in each corner, join with a slip stitch.

Row 2: hdc around making sure to do 3 sc in each corner, join with a slip stitch, cut yarn and weave in ends.

Note: If your gauge isn’t exactly the same (10″ x 10″), don’t worry. Whatever your width, keep making rows until your length equals that measurement. I’m sure it will look just fine and your creation is YOURS, it’s as unique as you.

Enjoy the day!

I'd love to hear from you, comments or questions are welcome!

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