5 Tips: Crocheting with Black Yarn (aka the Devil)

Crochet: 5 Tips When Working With Black Yarn. I love black and dark gray and lots of dark colors, but working with it can be challenging...

It’s so hard to work with black yarn in low light, at night, when it’s cloudy outside, when the day ends in Y… pretty much always!! But I LOVE black and gray and all shades in between! So if I’ve learned anything about working with black yarn, there’s just a few things I’m going to share with you.

5 Tips to Enjoy That Black Yarn Project MORE

1) Choose an easy pattern with stitches that allow you to “feel” where you need to put the needle – like the Moss Stitch, you crochet in the chain spaces and they are larger holes.

2) Choose a Chunky Black yarn as your first Black Object to crochet, it’s a little easier to work with because there’s bigger holes to see/feel.

3) Work with a light colored blanket or fabric on your lap, or behind your project, seeing through the yarn with a light backdrop can more easily show the next stitch location.

4) A good project light over your shoulder, like an Ott Lamp, can help illuminate without glare or eye strain.

5) Working in the round, like with a Magic Ring to start, mark the round’s first stitch by placing a white yarn as seen in the picture below, it helps me identify where to start and end if I’m checking the round’s total stitch count, also shows me where to place the first stitch(es) for the next round.

Hard to say how many mistakes I’ve made working with black, how much frogging and rework I’ve endured. But with these tips, maybe I’ll save you some heartburn so you CAN find joy in completing your first or your next Black yarn object! I do SO love black and dark yarns… all yarns, really, but it is rare to find makers who dare to use it often.

Cheers for Black yarn!

Beccie B

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