Free Knitting Pattern: Headspin Beanie Winter Hat

This textured beanie makes a fashionable winter hat and can be created in so many colors, it'll make your head spin! ** An ad-free printable PDF version of this pattern is available on Ravelry.

This beanie is such a fun and easy make.  I love colors and textures and when both come together, it’s win-win!

Charcoal and Arctic Ice colorways

Yarn: Super Bulky Size 6 – personally, I love Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

Color: Fisherman (also shown in Fisherman and Fossil and Black and Arctic Ice versions)

Needles: 10mm, 16″ circular – personally, I love my bamboo Clover Takumi knitting needles


K1 = Knit 1

P1 = Purl 1

K2tog = Knit 2 together

sts = stitches

Headspin Hat

  • Long tail cast-on: 40 sts (alternatively, you can use any multiple of 4 for knitting in the round. Mine is 4×10=40 because I’ve found 40-44 with a 10mm needle makes a decent adult-sized hat brim that’s not too tight.
  • Rows 1-6, Ribbing: K1, P1 around (40 sts)
  • Rows 7 and 8: [K3, P1 repeat around 10 times] (40 sts)
  • Rows 9 and 10: P1, [K3,P1 repeat around 9 times], K3 to end the round (40 sts)
  • Rows 11 and 12: K1, P1, [K3,P1 repeat around 9 times], K2 to end the round (40 sts)
  • Rows 13 and 14: K2, P1, [K3,P1 repeat around 9 times], K1 to end the round (40 sts)
  • Rows 15 to 22: Repeat Rows 7 to 14 (40 sts)
  • Rows 23 to 26: Repeat Rows 7 to 10 (40 sts)
  • Row 27: [K3, K2tog, repeat around 8 times] (this reduces your total to 32 sts)
  • Row 28: K1 around (32 sts)
  • Row 29: [K2, K2tog repeat around 8 times) (this reduces your total to 24 sts)
  • Row 30: K1 around (24 sts)

Finish: Cut an 8″ tail and thread through then cinch closed.

Pom is optional, of course! Enjoy 💕


Here are a couple additional color ways, Arctic Ice with Charcoal brim and Fossil with Fisherman brim. For these, I changed colors for the body color, starting with Row 7.

I'd love to hear from you, comments or questions are welcome!

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