Free Crochet Pattern: Four Square Dishcloth, Wash Cloth

This 4-square dishcloth is a very quick make, a great way to practice crochet intarsia where you change colors in the middle of a row. You will drop one color, pick up another. Give it a try, it is a fun crocheting technique!

Whenever I get done with a Big Project, you know the type…. a big afghan, a new design, something that takes a bit longer and more brain power; I turn to some Quick Win type projects. That’s what brings this new design to you today! It’s a cute, modern design that has virtually no end to the color combinations you can dream up and it flies off the hooks. It’s a very quick make and you only have to get the hang of changing colors in the middle – it’s easy. Give it a try!

The Pattern

Hook: 5.5mm/I

Yarn: Hobby Lobby’s I Love this Cotton in white and dove (feel free to use any other 100% cotton that you love), also shown in black and white, pale denim and white

Stitches: SC (single crochet) and DC (double crochet)

Starting Chain: Chain 25 [Note: Chain must be any multiple of 2 (+1 to make the turn)]

Finished Size: 9″ Square when using this yarn, these hooks and this pattern [Note: I love when dishcloths are 8-9″ square when finished]

Total Rows: 24 Rows then add the border

You will be using both White and Gray for every row throughout the body of this dishcloth:

Using White, CH 12 then pick up Gray and drop White (leave it dangling back to the full skein because you will be switching and picking up, you will be alternating colors throughout this wash cloth). Now you are using Gray, CH 12 +1 to turn. Your starting chain will be 25 total chain stitches.

Row 1: Continue with Gray, sc in the second stitch from the hook (the turning chain is left empty). Continue with *dc, sc* ending with a dc in the 12th stitch in the middle where you will change colors by picking up the white yarn when you are in the last gray stitch. At the middle, the last stitch (stitch number 12) will END by yarning over with the white color and pulling it through the last 2 gray yarn loops. Like this example, explained with a Gray to White switcheroo:

  1. With Gray to make the last dc stitch before switching to White: Yarn over with gray, put hook in the last gray stitch of the previous row, yarn over with Gray and pull through, yarn over and pull through only the first 2 loops of the dc stitch (you will have 2 loops of the dc on your hook).
  2. Now drop the Gray yarn and pick up the White yarn.
  3. Yarn over with White and continue to pull through the last 2 white loops, to complete the dc.

Now you have one loop of Gray yarn on your hook, continue repeating *sc, dc* with Gray all the way to the end, CH 1 and turn.

Note: Don’t cut the yarn when changing colors in the middle. Don’t carry the yarn along, just change colors and leave the end hanging to pick up for the switch in the next row.

Row 2: Continue with Gray: *sc, dc* repeating * to * across, at the center dc, you will be switching colors in the middle the same way as Row 1, keep the yarn untangled; practice dropping and picking up without tangling and you will have this technique mastered!

Rows 3 through 12: Continue the *sc, dc* throughout, color switching in the middles.

Row 13 through 24: You will now be switching the block colors after 12 rows – when you switch, you WILL cut the yarn and start Row 13 where gray becomes white and white becomes gray for the last 12 rows.

Total Rows: 24 rows

Border Row 1: sc around with 3 sc in every corner

Border Row 2: hdc around with 3 hdc in every corner

Be Creative & Keep Creating!

~Beccie B~

I'd love to hear from you, comments or questions are welcome!

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