Free Knitting Pattern: Fair Isle 3-Color Block Winter Hat Beanie

This is an easy entry-level Fair Isle pattern to get you started into the fun colorwork. The color block style makes it easy and there are only two rows where you need to work with two colors at the same time. An ad-free printable PDF version of this patterns is available on Ravelry with the full-size charts.

There are a few different techniques to achieve fair isle knitting using two colors in each of the rows. I am a continental knitter and prefer to either hold both colors in my left hand (main color over my index finger, second color over my middle finger) or I pick up the color I am using and drop the other color. Some knitters hold each color in opposite hands. There are plenty of YouTube videos on the various techniques, that’s how I practiced and learned then adapted what worked for my hands!

Fisherman, Slate, Navy

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, Size 6 Super Bulky (multiple colors)

I used these colors for the featured hat in picture:

  • Color 1: Fisherman cream – first 4 rows of the brim (about 10 yards)
  • Color 2: Slate gray (about 40 yards)
  • Color 3: Navy blue (about 40 yards)


  • Knitting Needles: 10mm, 16″ circular
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker to mark beginning/end of the row (optional)


  • K1 = Knit 1
  • P1 = Purl 1
  • K2tog – Knit 2 together
  • sts = stitches


Long tail cast-on: 48 sts

Rows 1-4 in Fisherman Cream (ribbing rows):  K1, P1 around (48 sts)

Rows 5-8 in Slate gray (ribbing rows):  K1, P1 around (48 sts)

Rows 9-15 continued in Slate gray:  K1 around (48 sts)

Row 16:  *Slate gray K1, Navy Blue K1* repeat * to * around (48 sts)

Row 17: *Navy Blue K1, Slate gray K1* repeat * to * around (48 sts)

Rows 18-27 Navy blue:  K1 around (48 sts)

Rows 28-30, Decrease Rows

Row 28: K2tog, K1 around (reduces the total to 32 sts)

Row 29: K1 around (32 sts)

Row 30: *K2tog, K1* repeat * to *, K1, K1 (reduces the total to 22 sts)

Note: Row 30 gets pretty tight on circular needles but I don’t switch to double pointed needles, I just pull the cord through the stitches but you can skip this row if it’s too difficult, it doesn’t make a big difference.

Pom is optional, of course!

The full printable chart is included in the Ravelry PDF download.

When it’s the length you like:

Cut yarn leaving an 8″ tail then thread through the remaining loops and remove from needles, cinch closed and weave end to the inside to secure.

Great work – You’ve created a beautiful knit winter hat and I hope you will post your finished work on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag me in photos, in your story, and in your posts using the hashtag #becciebcreative to add it to the news feeds. You will have a chance to be featured or re-grammed!


Thank you for reading, following, & always keep creating!

~ Beccie B.

2 thoughts on “Free Knitting Pattern: Fair Isle 3-Color Block Winter Hat Beanie

  1. Erin Reed

    Will 31” circulars work?

    1. becciebcreative

      Hi Erin, I think the difficulty with using 31” circulars will be the excess circular cable. Especially at the beginning, with 16” it’s just enough cable, with 31” you’d have to figure out how to slip the cable through between the stitches and deal with it as you go. You’d have a LOT of excess to keep out of your way. It might be prohibitive, you’d likely get frustrated.

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