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About Hat Sizing: A Reference Chart (Downloadable PDF)

Do you keep a journal of all your makes? I have a book, a journal if you will, always near me so I can jot down the date, needles, yarn I’m using, and patterns that I’m working on. I have a section specifically for adapting for babies, teens, and adults and I’ve finally made an official printable reference guide. This Chunky Hat Sizing Reference Chart can always be found near me in hat-making season! And now you can get it, too. While it used to be a bunch of notes that were getting a bit unwieldly, I have now officially created a printable document to add to my journal binder so I can jot down all the relevant information in one place – yes, you guessed it, it was scattered throughout the journal and I was constantly flipping through the pages when I wanted to go back to my notes. It’s here for you to download as a PDF.

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